Welcome outdoor and sports enthusiasts, nature and wildlife lovers, graduating high school seniors and everyone else!

My name is Lisa Moore and I am a Photo Artist.  While I specialize in 4-Season, Senior Outdoor Photo Sessions, I offer professional and quality photography services and products, and affordable pricing.

I would like the opportunity to create a unique and custom designed photo shoot for you, whatever your image needs may be! I am passionate about shooting what feels natural in a natural environment. In essence, I strive to capture the emotions, mood and the spirit of the moment and enjoy the spontaneity of an outdoor photo shoot in tune with nature and in rhythm with the seasons. I am also quite flexible, open to your thoughts, ideas, desires and suggestions and will strive to achieve just the type of photos you want to have realized. I am currently comfortable shooting in Columbiana County, OH, Beaver County, PA and in and around the beautiful lake and community of Lake Tomahawk where I reside; however, I will consider traveling elsewhere for special photo shoots.

I consider myself an "all around" Lifestyle photographer inspired by the natural elements of the outdoors, the energy and personalities of those I shoot and a desire to release the creativity bottled up inside me. I specialize in the creation of Senior Graduation photo shoots, matching the student's personality and interests with a picturesque environment, then preserving their images professionally in portraits and custom and exclusively designed photo albums designed to last a lifetime. My prices? I'm sure you will find them extremely competitive with the local photographers in OH, PA and WV, and quite reasonable and affordable! 

Also welcome photo bookings for me are family photo sessions. Let me help you achieve your photographic needs and provide you with the best photographic experience...you'll be glad you did!! 

Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to visit my website! – Lisa Moore


A Little About Me...

I am so excited to begin each new season with the same passion that my photography has brought me since the inception of Idyllic Images and Photography in 2013! January 2013 was the time that Idyllic Images and Photography was born and my business was established with the State of Ohio at that time!  I know that God has many plans for me and I can't wait to see what unfolds for me. Every year since has been quite rewarding and has brought me many blessings, new friends and opportunities through my photography.  I have also donated my time and photos to several local charitable/nonprofit events and also for the community of Lake Tomahawk (where I reside) which includes children's programs and other events, the newsletter and website. But the best rewards that I have received are the ones that reflect the sheer happiness, smiles (and for some...emotional tears) elicited on the faces that I hand my custom designed photo books and/or photo prints to! That makes every minute of what I do so worthwhile!

I’ve been taking pictures almost my entire life; however, when I received my Nikon for Christmas one year, it opened up a whole new concept of photography for me. It was a huge learning process and I quickly realized that I wasn’t taking pictures anymore, but capturing beautiful images while having fun! While target shooting with my bow and guns have been a lifelong hobby for me, the enjoyment I derive from shooting my camera and working with people and my images has provided a new pleasure – sometimes accompanied by small adrenaline rushes.

Some of my nature and landscape photo art prints reflect a mixture of photographic and illustrative properties, which can achieve an effect that looks simultaneously like a painting and a photograph. Working with vibrant color gives me a lot of satisfaction and is quite pleasing to my eye; therefore, you will find a lot of my photo art prints will possess heavy color, vibrancy and contrast work.

I consider myself a passionate Lifestyle and Pictorial photographer.  Not only do I love capturing the different emotions, expressions and personalities of people in general, I have a genuine interest in outdoor and nature photography. Along with my Senior and Family Photo Sessions, you will find that my photo art images encompass landscape, wildlife, nature, pheasant hunting, my gardens and more.  Living on the border of Northeastern Ohio (Columbiana County, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania (Beaver County and Allegheny County), I am in an environment that reflects a medley of woods, lakes, and rural landscape, which ultimately provides for a wonderful opportunity of capturing picturesque images, and as an end result is built and embedded in most of my photography. There is wildlife galore….deer, fox, turkeys, raccoons and pheasants are often seen in the fields or crossing the roads on my 30 plus miles of daily commute to and from work. A black bear was recently sighted only two doors down from my home! The rural landscape offers the beauty of country living with rustic farms and barns, horses and livestock. Living close to a lake creates opportunity for avian photography as well. All four seasons in this neck of the woods are experienced in all of their glory and replete with every type of weather imaginable.

My Llewellyn Setters, Casey, Maxwell, Nellie and Brady have been the willing subjects of many of my hunting photos and quite often offer a photographic challenge since they are rarely still except when pointing a bird. Pet photography is quite rewarding and a lot of fun.

My gardens which contain hundreds of varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetable plants have been, and will continue to be, quite willing posers for thousands of colorful images and constantly present me with plant and insect portraitures. Thinking back to one beautiful day last summer with my camera in hand, I remember kneeling in the midst of one flower bed and came to the conclusion that here resides an exclusive world where its inhabitants live in a realm of simplistic beauty and harmony. While kneeling, I thought how I had always loved the way everything looks from this angle and down lower, their shapes and color had always intrigued me. They create a new world….light, airy, dense, green, yellow, purple, white, red, blue and orange...immensely intricate, and one I enjoy capturing with my camera. For many years, I considered myself a gardener who likes to take pictures. Now I consider myself a photographer who likes to garden!

With the change of each season, my “photographic” inspiration is renewed and rarely do I leave home without my camera. But never am I more inspired to capture the images of the change of seasons than when autumn presents itself. I love the tranquility of the woods especially when they are enveloped in the full glory of autumn’s palette of colors. I love the glowing golds, oranges both dull and bright, and variations of reds melding with the different hues of greens. I am fortunate to live in an environment where the woods surround me, so it has been easy for me to capture the surrealistic beauty they behold. Thus, you will see much of my work is reflective of autumn in the Pennsylvania and Ohio woodlands. When winter decides to make its stand with the first new fallen snow, there is nothing that can compare to the beauty these images present while reflecting incomparable pristine scenarios. When spring makes her appearance with her growth and renewal of life, I love capturing the beauty of the flowers that are exclusive to this season. I can always rely on Summer to present me with a myriad of beautiful green landscape scenes, garden and lakeside photos.

Please contact me for photo shoot pricing and my package information. I'm only an email or phone call away and my contact information appears here on my website. I'm confident you will be pleased with my pricing and the quality photos you will be provided with and again...most importantly, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank you for your interest and please stop by often to see new photos which I will be adding on a regular basis. - Lisa Moore